Do you have a favourite image that is begging to printed as a Photo Banner? With the quality of the digital printing technology available now its easy.

The trick with creating a really fantastic photo banner is to start with a high quality image. This is really important.
Once you start to enlarge your image up to banner size, (any SIZE), the bigger your photo (ie. the higher resolution) the better I can print it for you.

Nothing is more disappointing than enlarging an image way beyond its native size. I help a lot of people with their photo banners and it is easy to fall into this trap.

The perception is, because the image looks great on a mobile phone or even on a website, it will look just as good when it is enlarged (sometimes by many hundreds of percent) and transferred onto a banner.
Unfortunately this is not the case…

To explain this – just in case you are not familiar with this effect, I need to get a little technical.
Digital images are made up of thousands of tiny dots called pixels. These pixels are essentially coloured dots that make up your image in much the same way as a picture is made using mosaic tiles.

Once we start to enlarge a picture beyond its native size, that is the size it is meant to be viewed at, it will suffer from an effect called pixelation.

Pixelation is a term used to describe how a pictures integrity is reduced as it is enlarged beyond the size it should be. It’s a little like spreading too little butter on too much bread.

You have probably seen this effect yourself. When images are enlarged too far they distort and get like a saw toothed edges to them. This is the pixels being enlarged to the stage where they can be seen easily, and a sure sign that your image is enlarged too far.

Photo Pixelation
The detail of the image is lost with pixelation

Here is an example here to help demonstrate the effect.

So now that that’s out of the way, what I am saying to you is, if you do want to print your favourite image onto a photo banner. The higher the resolution of the image we use to start with the better, and the bigger we can enlarge it without this pixilation creeping in.

Once we have a suitable image to work with, the rest is easy. I can add any message you want, and even cut out the background of a person in your image if you want.

As for size.. well, just about anything is possible… (as you can see by the image above).

If you would like more information about a photo banner for yourself or for an extra special occasion, please feel free to send me a message, I will be happy to oblige.

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So thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your photo banner ideas soon.


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