QR Codes Work


This simple example is to show you the type of things you can do with your QR Code.

You’ll see this one points to my website.

The reason I do this rather than point to a social media page like Facebook, is simple. Here I have complete control. It is like owning the property as opposed to renting one – not that there is anything wrong with renting, it just makes life difficult if you want to knock a wall down.

Once you setup the link within your QR Code, we can’t change it. It is embedded into the structure of the QR Code itself.

By having the QR code point to a web page that I control and can change, I have the flexibility to change the content of the page itself without the need to redo the QR Code. The page address

The page address stays the same and the content can change within this page as I see fit.

I hope I am making sense.

The reason for this is if you do decide to use a QR Code on your stage decor (scrim or backdrop), you won’t be able to change the code without replacing the whole item (not easily anyway) and an asset like a Gig Backdrop can be something that has considerable value and a long, long useful life.

By making our QR Code point to a piece of internet real estate that we control, we have the ability to update it as we need to, a different (music) track, a fan competition, a promo for an upcoming event, whatever it is you want to promote, more easily.

I hope this info helps you engage more deeply with your audience and as a result, you become more successful, more satisfied and happier too.

It is a good job this.

Have a good one and thanks.



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