I do a lot of vinyl market banners, some of them quite fancy, while others are a little more… straight to the point. This example here is more the latter.

This market banner was produced for a Rotary market held in lovely Sunbury, about 33 kilometres northwest of Melbourne’s CBD.

As you can see from this banner’s design, it is publicising a combined market and car boot sale. This simple banner conveys the right information of where and when as well as making it simple for everyone interested to find more information should they need it.

Not all vinyl banners and signs need to be a work of art. Keeping your message short and sweet is important, making sure it is clear and easy to read is also a must.

The Rotary symbol here is a recognisable icon and will help catch the attention of passers-by. Graphics are good for this, though in my opinion they should not be used for their own sake.

If you graphic helps tell your story and makes it easier for your message to “sink in”, use it. If on the other hand it is merely eye candy, think twice about it.

Your vinyl banner typically will only be seen for a few seconds, so you have to make sure you don’t have too much message to be absorbed in the time available. This is especially true if you are using your banner as a pocket sized (and temporary) billboard.

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