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Steve Scott - The Banner Guy
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Watkins Road
Wangi Wangi 
New South Wales

What Happens Next

Hello Steve here.

Thank You for your message, it  has been delivered to my desk & I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Usually in a couple of hours (or less) .

The type of information I often supply in my response to an enquiry like yours can sometimes be misinterpreted as SPAM.

You know, those annoying emails we all get, that we didn't ask to get.

To avoid you missing my reply and the information you asked for, can I ask that you "whitelist" my email address in your email software programme?

Whitelisting my email address lets your email programme know that you asked me to contact you & that my message to you is not SPAM.

My email address below for your convenience.

By whitelisting my email address you will be sure to receive the information you want as fast as possible.

That said if you do not receive a reply from me in the next 12-24 hours. I have either met with an unfortunate accident or (more likely) my message to you has been gobbled up by an overzealous SPAM filter.

In which case please email me directly at my address to let me know. This way I can arrange to get your information to you in another way.

I don't like to disappoint people like you who reach out to me for information.

Especially when it is because I am not able to reply in as timely a fashion as I can because of a SPAM Filter.

Thank you for your help and for whitelisting my email address too.


Steve Scott -

PS. Below is a link to a Google list of YouTube Videos that can help show you how to white list if you have not done this before :)



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