Great Work, Your Gig Banner is Secured

Hi Steve here again.

Steve the Gig Backdrop GuyI wanted give you a special thank you for taking me up on my Gig Backdrop Promo, and just as importantly, congratulate you for backing yourself with a backdrop.

I know it will make a huge difference to your audience recognition. And before a member of your audience can become a fan, they have to know who you are – right.

Now I Need Some Details From You

Your order has been successfully placed, and now I need to find out from you what you would like your Gig Backdrop to look like.

You can have anything you like on your backdrop, and I am happy to use your artwork if you have visually creative type in the group. If not, no hassle.

I am sure you have been thinking of what colours you want to use, any images that will work for you and of course the name of your band.

Which typeface (font) to use and whether you want to include any contact details on your backdrop, or a link to your website, your Facebook page or bandpage ( ).

Some bands do it, others don’t.

Gig backdrop TemplatesAnyway, if you do want to put a few ideas down on paper, download my Gig Backdrop template here if you haven’t already.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, and I can take your ideas and work them into an initial design, email you the results, and we can start to tweak it from there.

It’s easy, really.

How To Send Me Your Information

The easiest way to send me your stuff is in an email.

Address it to me;

Just remove the word SPAM from my address, I do this to help keep the spammers from bombarding me 🙂 – As they do.

Alternately, use the Green Form on the right side of this page. It has provision for an attachment too (this form will appear below if you are on a mobile device).

If you have any problems, please let me know.

If you have BIG files you want to send to me, too big for normal email (10 meg plus), I often use a service called Dropsend, it’s free to use (a trial at the time of writing), and you can send files as BIG as 2 gig. I have never had a hassle with it, and you don’t need to install any software on your computer. It is all web based.

Use me email address mentioned above to send me your files, directly or via

I will have you proof on its way to you as soon as I can, normally within 24 hours of receiving your instructions.

Thanks again for your business.

All the Very Best

Steve – The Vinyl Banner Guy

I am here to help you, Contact Me for Any Info You Need